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Obama Forgets Age of His Daughter, Possibly Confused Her with Pop Singer with Same Name

John on June 29, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Obama’s eldest, Malia, will be 13 next month. She’s twelve now. Here’s what Obama said at his presser today:

YouTube Preview Image

I have a theory about what happened here. I think Obama was confusing his daughter Malia with the singer. You know the British pop-soul singer, Malia:

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, there’s really no resemblance there, but Malia the singer was 13 once so it’s plausible, right? About as plausible as the idea that Michele Bachmann was talking about John Wayne Gacy.

But hey, the rap–as Chris Wallace might say–on Obama is that the guy’s a genius. Not like that flaky Bachmann lady.

NOTE: I am not dragging Obama’s kids into politics. If I could post this without mentioning their names, I would. For the record, they are beautiful girls and he seems like an excellent dad.

This post isn’t about them. It’s not even really about President Obama messing up their age by a week. Big deal. This post is about the crappy media we have that amplifies every silly little mistake made by a conservative while simultaneously muffling or ignoring every similar mistake made by a liberal.

If George W. Bush or Sarah Palin or, dare I say it, Michele Bachmann had done this, they would be a laughingtock at major papers around the world. Bushisms! Palinisms! But in this case no broader pattern will be inferred or implied to exist. As you see at the link, MSNBC does not conclude that Obama is utterly helpless without a teleprompter, even though one could draw that conclusion from this gaffe.

Will Politifact jump on this important mistake made at a major televised address and declare it definitely false?

We’re more than a year to the election and I’m already fed up with the double standards created by the liberals running our media.

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