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Cardinal Mahony: Crazy or Clever (or Both)?!?

Scott on March 3, 2006 at 9:33 am

Right now, the only conclusion I can reach is that Cardinal Mahony of the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese has either lost his mind OR he wants to gain total power in the Los Angeles area. In a message he delivered on Ash Wednesday (the first day of the Lenten season) and in follow-up interviews, Mahony basically demonstrated that he has ABSOLUTELY NO GRASP on the reality of the immigration situation in the U.S. while also proving that he is completely motivated by politics and a desire for more money and power.  Mahony discussed concerns that people have over the war on terror and how the porous border situation could compromise national security. The Los Angeles Times described Mahoney’s comments as follows:

Mahony also criticized efforts by the Minuteman Project and other immigration control groups to police the border, saying that such efforts were a misguided reaction to national security concerns.

“The war on terror isn’t going to be won through immigration restrictions,” he said, adding that Al Qaeda operatives would not trek through miles of deadly desert to infiltrate the nation.

Excuse me? Al Qaeda won’t walk through miles of desert?!?! Who does he think he is fooling? Al Qaeda LIVES in the desert? They train in the desert! In fact, the desert terrain that these guys are used to makes the desert along the Mexican-American border look like a tropical paradise! Could Cardinal Mahony be that foolish? Though Mahoney claims that he is not in favor of unrestricted immigration, he outlined a 5 part plan that basically, if implemented, would result in totally open borders. In a follow-up article, The Los Angeles Times described Mahoney’s plan this way:

Wearing a red skullcap and purple robes, Mahony told the congregants that the church did not support unfettered immigration, but a solution to what he called a broken system. Then he outlined five principles for immigration reform developed in a national “Justice for Immigrants” campaign by the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and other church organizations.

They include more visas for family members of migrants to reduce what can be decades-long waits to reunify; a guest worker program with a path to permanent residency; better legal processes to guarantee immigrant rights; legalization of undocumented migrants; and economic development in poor countries to reduce the need to migrate.

So in other words, the Cardinal wants to fix the “broken system” by eliminating all restrictions and penalties and providing:
1) Visas for the family members of illegal immigrants so that they can come over the border legally to join the illegal family members, thus reuniting families sooner.
2) A “Guest Worker Program” which would provide a pathway for permanent residency for illegal immigrants once they break the law to get here
3) Legal protections and processes for illegal immigrants once they break the law by coming into the U.S. illegally
4) Legalization of illegal immigrants (if the “guest worker” thing doesn’t work out)
5) Economic assistance for poor countries so that their citizens can decide whether to come to the U.S. illegally and get on public assistance, or stay in their home countries and get on public assistance.

I can’t help but wonder if Mahony’s motivation is less about the spiritual and more about the money and the power. He knows that an increased level of immigrants from Mexico along with Central and South American would result in a huge influx of devout, tithing Catholics for his parishes. This means more money for him to control, and more people (and more votes) for him to influence.  It’s too bad that Mahony hasn’t shown this much interest in the well-being of people during the unfolding pedophile priest scandals. Maybe if he had cared more about the families and children already living in the Los Angeles area, he wouldn’t have abandoned them to the sexual predators operating as priests within his own archdiocese.

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