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Mark Steyn on the Oscars

John on March 2, 2006 at 10:13 am

Why is it that Mark Steyn seems to be able to say everything I want to say better than I’m able to say it? Seriously, I feel like Salieri to his Mozart. In any case, his take on this year’s Oscars is everything I wanted to say, said very, very well.

Here’s what scares me. Do you think he writes these in, like, half an hour…while eating a sandwich? Would it be even better if he wasn’t brushing crumbs out of his keyboard at the same time, or playing a video game while typing away…These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night.

Come on, Steyn, at least have the decency to slave away at these pieces for a few days or weeks. It’s so unfair.

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