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Erik Telford on Why Online Activism Fits the Right

John on June 14, 2011 at 9:57 am

Erik Telford the man behind the Right Online conference taking place this weekend in Minneapolis, MN (which I’m attending), has an opinion piece up on the Daily Caller site:

Republican members of Congress are better than their Democratic counterparts at using Facebook and Twitter to inform and motivate their constituents. Ironically, the most adept new media maven among congressional Democrats, Anthony Weiner, was more interested in using these tools for, shall we say, personal gratification than to advance his political ideas. His career is now effectively over — thanks to conservative online activists who would not let the Weinergate story die…

It is no accident that activists fluent in ideas of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and economic freedom are also well versed in new media and social networking. These tools appeal to their sense of individualism, bypassing the old bureaucracies of big media organizations to give anyone with ideas a platform to share them. It’s a perfect fit for those who believe in a free-market philosophy.

I’m really looking forward to the conference this weekend. I’m glad there are folks like Erik making sure that new media gets the attention it deserves from the establishment right. As he notes, we’re not just the future, we’re the present.

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