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Ten Tough Questions the Press Hasn’t Asked Obama (Video Update)

John on September 15, 2008 at 11:22 am

The MSM has examined itself and found no wrongdoing in its aggressive questioning of Sarah Palin. Questions about her children, her church, her political adversaries, etc. It’s all business as usual.

Well I support tough questions. I just don’t think the playing field has been entirely level in this regard. So here are the ten tough questions the press hasn’t asked Barack Obama over the last 18 months:

  1. What do you consider your greatest legislative achievement during your time in the US Senate?
  2. After requesting nearly a billion dollars in earmarks in your three years in the Senate, you reversed course recently and signed a moratorium against earmarks. Was this just a political calculation on your part?
  3. After the Democratic convention, you sharply revised your economic plan, dropping one $10 billion fund you had proposed just a few months earlier and eliminating another $10 billion initiative to extend unemployment benefits. How committed are you to the new plan and should American’s count on it not changing in the next few months?
  4. Does running a campaign really count as a qualification to run the country?
  5. You were Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project for four years. The project spent approximately $110 million dollars to improve schools on your watch, yet it’s final report found no significant improvement in student outcomes. As the executive in charge, what in your opinion went wrong?
  6. On at least two occasions, including most recently in your interview with Bill O’Reilly, you’ve indicated that you think America should be envious of the Chinese infrastructure. Do you think it’s appropriate to compare America unfavorably to a Communist system that offers little if any freedom of press, religion, assembly or movement to its citizens, not to mention having no say in infrastructure spending?
  7. You promised to present a new kind of politics, one that wouldn’t get into the mud. Yet one of your own spokesmen recently sent a letter to a Miami newspaper — where there is a large Jewish population — labeling Governor Palin a Buchanan supporter and further labeling Buchanan a Nazi sympathizer. How do you reconcile this with your pledge and what if any disciplinary action have you taken?
  8. At what point do you believe human rights attach to an unborn child? [Asked but not answered.]
  9. You’ve criticized Governor Palin for being for the so-called bridge to nowhere before she was against it and yet you twice cast a vote for the bridge while in the Senate. How is your record on this wasteful spending project better than hers?
  10. In what way does Joe Biden — who has been a Senator since you were twelve years old — represent the promise of change in Washington?

I could come up with a few more if pressed, but it’s a start. I think all of these questions are serious and, given where the bar was set for Palin, completely fair.

It’s particularly curious to me that no one has really delved into Obama’s four years at Annenberg. Forget the Ayres connection, his most credible claim to executive experience was an expensive flop. Shouldn’t that concern us?

Update 5PM: Just came across this video which relates to question #5. The music is a bit heavy handed but the information is good:

YouTube Preview Image

This was one of Obama’s major qualification just a few years ago. Why isn’t it an issue now? Where is the detailed investigative piece by the NY Times or Washington Post?

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