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Palin Fought to Keep Bars Open Late

John on September 14, 2008 at 9:49 pm

I’ve already written about ABC’s attempt to paint Sarah Palin as a religious extremist. Today, Newsweek has a new piece up which at first glance appears to be another NY Times style attack. On second glance, the authors can’t find that she did anything wrong. The piece concludes with the person who sued for wrongful termination paying Palin’s legal fees.

But it’s another story contained in the article that I think could go a long way to undercutting the caricature of Palin being created elsewhere:

An even bigger clash involved a proposed city ordinance backed by Stambaugh to close the town bars at 2 a.m. instead of 5. Stambaugh says he believed this would help curb late-night drunken driving at a time when, according to Stein, the former mayor, “people were driving out from Anchorage to the valley for more alcohol and crashing.” But Palin, as a council member, had voted against the measure—making her the favored candidate among bar owners, one of whom held a fund-raiser for her. Records obtained by NEWSWEEK show that Wasilla bar owners contributed $1,250 to her mayoral campaign—more than 10 percent of all the money she raised in 1996.

Sorry, lefties, the church lady rap isn’t going to stick. If anything, Palin governs like a libertarian.

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