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NOW Loses A Big One

John on February 28, 2006 at 10:02 am

It took 19 years and three trips to the Supreme Court for our system to figure out that pro-life protesters should not be charged as racketeers under anti-mob RICO laws.

NOW was the organization that brought the suit back in 1986. They have yet to post anything on their website about the loss. I’ll update this post when they do. For now, here’s my psychic preview of their press release, minus the spin:

NOW members, listen up. After spending millions of dollars of your donations on this fiasco, we lost…twice actually… unanimously the last time. So obviously there’s more work to do.

We know we seem to be on a bit of a downward slide recently, what with the South Dakota challenge, the revisiting of the partial-birth decision by the Supreme Court right around the corner, the new studies that show abortion has negative mental health consequences for women. So, yes we are all feeling a bit depressed here at NOW (but just to be clear it’s not the result of any prior abortions!). Anyway, don’t be discouraged by this trend. And in the name of all that is holy (i.e. abortion) keep writing those checks! Why…?

Okay, we didn’t want to have to tell you this, but the fact is George Bush has a secret plan to send pregnant women to Guantanamo where they would be forced to live in specially constructed veal pens until they gave birth to healthy babies. You heard that right, sister…veal pens. And I don’t think I need to mention that Starbucks has yet to open in Guantanamo. So right now all that stands between you, the pens, and drinking Sanka from an over-sized gerbil feeder is that next check. Get your heads right, gals.

Viva Abortion! Sic Semper Tyrannis! Sanka Delenda Est! [Anyone have a Valium?]

Update: NOW has finally put out its real press release. Most of it is the predictable pro-abortion boiler-plate. However the last paragraph is really outrageous:

Joseph Scheidler, Randall Terry and other leaders of the self-described “pro-life mafia” had vowed to stop abortion “by any means necessary,” and the ensuing attacks included arson, bombings, violent blockades, death threats and even murder. By vacating the injunction on narrow, technical grounds, the Supreme Court sided today with thugs and bullies, not peaceful protesters.

Blaming bombings and murder on Randall Terry is crap. He has never promoted violence. And saying the Supreme Court has sided with “thugs and bullies”…well, better to side with them than the cheerleaders for infanticide that make up NOW.

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