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Hillary Clinton Obsession?

Scott on February 27, 2006 at 2:38 pm

Hillary Clinton seems to be amusedly complaining that Carl Rove and others in the White House are “obsessing” about her potential run for the job of leader of the free world in 2008, quipping that Rove “spends more time thinking about my political future than I do.” She goes on to say,

What they’re hoping is that all of their missteps, which are now numbering in the hundreds, are going to somehow be overlooked because people, instead of focusing on the ’06 election, will jump ahead and think about the next one.

I don’t know about the hundreds of “missteps” by the Bush Administration, but I do know this…if there is ANYONE out there who knows a thing or two about hiding missteps through misdirection and verbal slight-of-hand, it is Senator Clinton. She’s so good at it, she could give David Copperfield a run for his money!

I’ve got four words for you: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Rather than address the issue of Monica Lewinsky and her husband’s philandering head on, she attacked the people who were bringing the story to light. AND REMEMBER, she did this even though she had a good idea about what had been going on with Bill and his “diversions.” For all intents and purposes, by making such sweeping accusations she lied and tried to place the blame somewhere else.

I’ve got three more words for you: 2008 Presidential Hopeful. Rather than answer the questions sent her way on a daily basis regarding her potential run for the presidency in 2008, she dances around the question by answering one that wasn’t even asked. Like a boxer bobbing and weaving around the ring, Hillary verbally spars with the press and the public, declaring that she is “focused on her re-election” without addressing whether or not a presidential run is under consideration. And when asked whether she should feel an obligation to notify her constituency before they re-elect her regarding her presidential intentions, she answers with: “Any New Yorker who worries about what might happen in the future should certainly take that into consideration.”

What a weasel! What a phony! What a politician! My grandfather used to tell me to beware of anyone who didn’t provide direct answers to direct questions. I think that if he were alive today, Papa would shout as loud as he could that people should stay away from Senator Clinton.

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