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Palin Email Fail: CBS Offers Absurd “Highlights”

John on June 10, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Liberals are salivating over 24K Palin emails released today. According to CBS here are the highlights:

On August 15, 2008, Palin exchanged a series of emails with her aides about her travel plans for the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. Palin had not yet been picked as Sen. John McCain’s running mate and wants to know what she would miss if she left the convention on September 5th. The convention ran from September 1-4.

So apparently a highlight is anything that might embarrass Palin, no matter how picayune. That’s CBS’ idea of playing things down the middle.

Meanwhile, the Guardian did find one thing sure to attract attention from a certain liberal blogger:

Another email appears to lay to rest the conspiracy theorists who say that she was not the mother of Trig and only pretended to have the baby which was actually her daughter Bristol’s.

An email dated 2 August 2008 refers to “couple of days off duty when I had Trig, Arpil 18, the day he was born I signed a bill into law and conducted a few state actions while in hospital”.

What say you, Andrew Sullivan? Did she plant this here in case the emails were one day revealed?

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