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Dan Wolfe Would Like an Apology from the Left-Wing Media

John on June 7, 2011 at 5:29 am

In case you haven’t followed this story beyond the headlines, since last Sunday there has been a cyber-battle of competing narratives from the left and right quarters of the blogosphere. The left found itself at pains to explain Rep. Weiner’s offending tweet and immediately seized upon the claim that he’d been hacked. They turned most of their attention on two suspects, Andrew Breitbart and the man who originally noticed the tweet, Dan Wolfe. Dan was portrayed as a shadowy hacker intent on bringing his nemesis Weiner down.

Last night I interviewed Dan Wolfe on IM for about an hour. We talked about some of the loose ends of this story. Dan had read Patterico’s piece on the subject and found it convincing. But the main reason I wanted to talk with Dan was to see how he was feeling now that Rep. Weiner has admitted he sent the tweet which Dan had been falsely accused of creating:

Verum Serum: So how do you feel today now that you are in the clear and Weiner has admitted he sent that tweet you retweeted?

Dan Wolfe: I just feel like my eyes are opened as to what people in the media will do to get a story and/or protect their hero (Weiner) and it’s not pretty.

VS: The left really put you through the wringer for most of the week.

DW: To protect their hero not just Kos but Joan at Salon, Gawker, Village Voice, Mediaite, CNN, Maddow, all said I had something to do with this. They smeared me and put my family in danger. People started an actual manhunt for me. They found out I live in [redacted] and started a manhunt. This is life or death for me with losing my kids. I’m just a father and all I did was RT; for this I get treated like a criminal.

We talked a bit more and I asked him to settle a couple of basic identity questions many people have wondered about:

VS: BTW, is Dan Wolfe your real name or a pseudonym? Lots of speculation about that?

DW: Dan Wolfe is my real name

VS: One more personal question which you don’t have to answer if you don’t want. How old are you? Give me a range at least.

DW: I am 45-50 (closer to 50) lol

We talked a bit more and Dan had a few other loose ends he recommended I run down. As we were winding up I asked him once more about his experience being the focus of the left’s ire and suspicion:

VS: Do you have anything else you’d like to say to all the folks who accused you of hacking Weiner’s account?

DW: I don’t want to gloat. But if you use that quote about all the media that attacked me — they are wrong and should apologize, but they won’t. They protect their liberal heroes instead of being ethical journalists. It’s easy to make me out to be the devil.

VS: Would you like an apology from them?

DW: It would be nice if they apologized to me and told their users how wrong they were to incite death threats and a manhunt on an innocent man like me. It scared me and it made me scared as a father for my kids. So yes, an apology would be nice, but they aren’t nice people.

Then again, I never thought I’d live to see the day Anthony Weiner apologized to Andrew Breitbart so maybe anything is possible.

Maybe so.

If the people and outlets he mentioned–Kos, Joan Walsh, Gawker, Village Voice, Mediaite, CNN, and Rachel Maddow–could spare the time to accuse him (or insinuate he was involved), they ought to make time to offer an apology now that he’s been shown to be completely innocent.

Not on Dan’s list is Rep. Weiner himself, who knew from day one that he had sent the tweet in question. Weiner chose to lie and then chose to stand by and watch as Breitbart and Dan were falsely accused of a crime. Andrew got his apology yesterday but Rep. Weiner still owes one to Dan Wolfe in my opinion.

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