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Weiner’s “Hacker” Used Same Twitter App as Weiner…Hmmm

John on June 5, 2011 at 10:29 am

Credit to Joe Report who, along with the Daily, was the only person to contact the manager of Tweet Congress about the data associated with Rep. Weiner’s under-tweet. Joe explains what he and the Daily found:

whomever had access to Weiner’s account used Tweetdeck to send out the lewd photo on May 27, 2011. Congressman Weiner claimed in various television interviews when he saw the inappropriate tweet he quickly deleted the message along with the underwear photo that was attached. Immediately following Weiner also used Tweetdeck, a popular desktop application, to pen a series of Tweets to his followers about a hockey.

So the under-tweet and the ones that followed came from the same third party app. Granted, lots of people use this app, but this is certainly suggestive:

  • Weiner tweets that he will be on TV at 545 Seattle Time
  • Three hours later the underwear tweet pops up headed for Seattle and is deleted very quickly.
  • Weiner had to be on Tweetdeck at that moment to catch it and delete it.
  • Weiner continues tweeting and then finally claims he was hacked about an hour and 20 minutes later.
  • Weiner refuses to involve the FBI or police. Hires a private firm.
  • Weiner won’t deny the photo is him.

The simplest explanation for all of this is that he sent the Tweet and is now lying about it, which is why he won’t call the FBI. There are other possible ways to explain this, to be sure, but this is the simplest and therefore the most likely explanation.

Update: Documents from Tweet Congress are here.

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