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The Good Ol’ Dem Days!

Scott on February 22, 2006 at 9:18 am

Nearly two weeks have gone by since VP Dick Cheney’s hunting accident (or Fudd Gate), and I am still hearing people talk about it. Talk radio, talk television, newspaper commentaries, it just isn’t ending! I agree with some of the critics that the story was handled sloppily from the get-go, but it is absurd to make a federal issue out of it (no pun intended). I mean, if you KNOW that people on the Left are gunning for you (no pun intended, again), then why give them ammunition to use against you (and again, no pun intended).

Over the last 11 days, I have found myself on several different occasions sitting in front of the TV (slack-jawed with my eyes glazed over), as I have listened to commentators like Paula Zahn, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ron Reagan push the Left’s alcohol-related-reflexive-secrecy-mismanagement-of- information agenda. It is ridiculous!

And over the last few days, I have found myself moving to my old rocker on the front porch, whittling a stick with a nice piece of chewing grass in my teeth, longing for the good-old-days when information was put out in a timely manner and nobody was afraid of conspiracies or of the politically powerful getting away with “stuff.”

Remember Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? There was no cover-up there. The information was timely, there was not even a question about the influence of alcohol on the situation, and nobody died. Oh, wait, the police weren’t called until the next day, alcohol was a MAJOR factor in the events that transpired, and Mary Jo Kopechne died (most likely killed by Kennedy’s inaction and failure to call for help, leaving her to suffocate in the submerged car).

OK, so maybe not Kennedy!

But what about Bill Clinton and the accusations of infidelity, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, perjury, etc, etc, etc? We were given ALL of the important information up front, all of the women involved were treated fairly, records were released in a timely manner, questions were answered in a direct and forthright manner, and nobody had their life affected in any sort of significant/negative way. Well, then again, maybe not.

OK, so Bill Clinton won’t work, either!

But what about Hillary Clinton, the bastion of truth, freedom of information, transparency of reporting, and fairness. She’s a senator now, but remember the accusations surrounding the Vince Foster death, the missing billing records, the White Water investments, the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” etc? Fortunately for the American people, she was upfront with everything she knew and cooperated fully with all representatives of authority, the Justice Department, investigative journalists, etc. OOOPS! I guess we missed the boat on her, too.

How ’bout Al Gore, the Righteous Hand of the Liberal Democrats? Surely HE can put my rocking chair at ease! Let’s see. There was the illegal fundraising at the the Buddhist temple and the fundraising phone calls from his office, creating the Internet, illegal negotiations with China, and making up examples of “common folk” in his campaign speeches.

Dang it! Al Gore’s out, too!

Well, I guess I jumped in my rocker on the porch a little too quickly. I’ll get back to you when I have some better examples of honesty, integrity, timely and forthright reporting, etc.

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