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Dan Wolfe Steps Up

John on June 3, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Film Ladd clearly doesn’t get Dan Wolfe or know anyone like him and that makes this a difficult interview to read. Dan keeps trying to get an answer out and gets interrupted over and over with allusions to the Illiad or some other nonsense that doesn’t belong in this interview. It’s painful at times, like watching a clash of cultures: young Hollywood meets older middle America.

But the facts are there. Dan is a guy, that’s obvious. He doesn’t hate Weiner but he does hate his politics. He never saw himself as trying to take him down, which is why he hasn’t volunteered himself to the FBI:

From the beginning I’ve said all I did was RT his tweet. I do not want to be the one to “Take him down” like you said or whoever said that. That is not my job.

Dan was just a guy on Twitter trying to share information like everyone else. But he does get around to answering a number of important questions. How exactly did he do the retweet of Weiner’s underwear pic? (Note: reformatted for readability)

danwolfe7676 (6:23:21 PM): If you don’t refresh your browser you don’t lose the twitter page. I realized that because I tried doing the automatica “RETWEET” it wouldn’t work. That’s how fast he saw it and deleted it. He was right there. And as Ace notes NOT tweeting about hockey, silent for over 3 hours. So I couldn’t do the automatic Rewteet I clicked multiple times. And then I realized he must have deleted it. So I opened his page in another tab to check and sure enough he deleted the tweet. He realized his mistake right away.

Filmladd (6:25:37 PM): So you had to do a copy and paste RT?

danwolfe7676 (6:25:41 PM): Right.

Filmladd (6:25:47 PM): As opposed to built-in RT?

danwolfe7676 (6:25:50 PM): Right. Exactly.

Filmladd (6:25:57 PM): Holy crap…That’s why everyone is accusing you.

danwolfe7676 (6:26:21 PM): Yup. People are fools.

Then there’s the question of why he was watching Weiner’s twitter page at that moment (Note: reformatted to make it easier to read):

danwolfe7676 (6:28:19 PM): I’ve answered this but I’ll do this again. I saw that 5:45 in Seattle hash of his and it seemed odd – even for him. It was way too specific. And in that Wolf B. interview when Wolf asks Weiner about that, look back at what Weiner says. He makes a point of saying he’s done that with other cities. Nope. I checked. He has not.

As for the “harassment” of girls, he has a specific reason for trying to protect these girls from a guy he believed was a creep (Note: reformatted to make it easier to read):

danwolfe7676 (5:22:42 PM): I commented on him from very begining. Yes. No genius detective work there. Never tried to hide that. Because he’s always on. So I comment. Then my group started to notice the young girls, Weiner’s fixation on the young girls. This bothered me especially. Troubles me too because of what I went through with my daughter. I know the signs. We were just divorced a couple years at the time. We shared custody of the kids. And again — I don’t like talking about this but the private emails opened the door so I’m going to do this as best I can to protect my exwife and kids…We were just divorced at the time; we shared custody of the kids and then that happened with my daughter and her predator.

Of course as a parent you blame yourself. You want to protect your kids from everything, even from the tiniest cut or scratch. I took it hard. As a father you want to protect your daughter from creeps. He was more than a creep but you know what I mean. I blamed myself. And as it turns out -my exwife blamed me too because this happened on a day when I was working, just getting another part of my business started at the time so I was working night and day. And I blame myself – I do. I wasn’t there to protect her when this happened. So that was the beginning of a long, viscious battle for my kids.

So that’s why Dan Wolfe took exception to Weiner’s interaction with younger girls. He wasn’t looking to harass the women. On the contrary, he saw himself as trying to protect them.

It also explain why he hasn’t wanted to come forward. If he is on the edge of losing his kids, talk of receiving death threats online might be all it takes for a judge to decide he should lose custody. I’m not sure why Film Ladd has such a hard time understanding this, but he clearly doesn’t get what a crafty lawyer could do with something like this.

It’s been all Weiner here for days and I apologize. I’ve agonized over this at times. Am I getting it right? Is Dan Wolfe being honest? Sure I wondered all those things, but my gut instinct was that he was a distraction from the real story. More than gut. There was never really any reason to suspect him. It’s no accident that nearly all of the people accusing him have been coming from the left.

So at this point I’m going to claim vindication. I said Dan Wolfe was a guy; he is a guy. I said his dislike for Weiner was of the normal (for Twitter) political variety; it was. I said he saw himself as a protector of the girls in question and that’s exactly how he saw himself. I said, privately to Morgen, that he was probably a bit older based on my sense of his tweets and the interview confirms this (“I didn’t grow up with computers like you guys”). I said that he had nothing to do with hacking anyone and I think it’s clear from this interview that hacking is not in Dan Wolfe’s wheelhouse. I said that he was probably upset that he’d been thrown under the bus by those who he turned to for help. He obviously is:

My instincts were correct as for not trusting any of you the first chance you got, under the bus. My private emails, releaseing my email address, tracking me down. Again — INSANE

So the takeaway here is that the Kos kids were just as right about Dan’s involvement as they were about Breitbart’s, i.e. not one damn bit. Mediaite’s Colby Hall was wrong to insinuate he was a likely suspect on Sunday and Lee Stranahan, who did some excellent work on this story overall, went too far in speculating along those lines as well. I’m glad Dan finally stepped up to do this interview. I just wish you’d called me, Dan. I think you would have found it much less frustrating.

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