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NY Post Finally Reports on Friend of Weiner, Ginger Lee

John on June 2, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Sunday afternoon I wrote a post about Ginger Lee, the stipper/porn star who had expressed some not-very-innocent interest in Congressman Weiner. I posted several examples of her Weiner-crush from her blog, including some posted just before and after he sent her a direct message complimenting her blog via Twitter.

Yesterday I noted that the Daily Beast’s hapless writer David A. Graham had buried the lede in his Weinergate story, claiming the interaction with Ms. Lee was “hardly salacious.” Thankfully, the NY Post seems to done a little homework and decided there’s a story there after all:

A sultry adult-film actress who got a private Twitter message from New York’s randy representative happily returned the favor — openly gushing over her “Mr. Sexy Congressman” in a slew of blog posts.

“I want to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner,” Ginger Lee wrote in a March 1 post.

Kudos to the Post for belatedly getting in on this. Now if only CNN would delve into this aspect a little more deeply. Where is the Dana Bash interview of Ginger Lee? If anyone on Weiner’s follow list got salacious tweets, she’s the most likely candidate.

[I saw this first in Ace's sidebar.]

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