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You’re Nobody Until David Frum Scolds You

John on June 2, 2011 at 6:00 am

David Frum seems to find Morgen’s RINO video outrageous:

What’s next? Black-and-white ads in which gravelly voiced narrators sneer, “What do we know about Congressman Jenkins? He says he was climbing the tree only to steal apples. But our video cameras clearly show him rescuing a frightened kitten!”

Frum then goes on to suggest a bunch of things that he doesn’t substantiate, such as that the guy who has now made two imitations featuring Pawlenty and Romney works for the Huntsman campaign. If that’s so we’d really like to know, but Jim Geraghty at NRO talked with Huntsman’s people and they laughed at the idea.

We can’t complain too much, since Frum also gives us a nice, albeit backhanded, compliment:

Granted, there’s a lot of insider baseball in these ads. They are made by professionals for other professionals. These attacks are intended more as brushback pitches than as serious hardballs…And yet, perversely, it is precisely this insider quality that makes these ads so disturbing. They drop the veil on what Republican professionals inwardly believe their Republican audiences want to hear.

I think it’s great that we’re (really Morgen in this case) being labeled professionals. I mean that sincerely. Political differences aside, David Frum has watched a lot of ads in his long career. If he says this is professional, that’s high praise.

The truth is, we’re just amateurs. Of the two of us, I’ve actually had a job that involved shooting and editing video and audio. Morgen has learned on the job, so to speak, really since joining the blog in 2008. But given his sting of viral clips, now totaling about 1.4 million views, it’s clear he’s been sitting on a deep well of untapped talent all these years.

Morgen adds. It probably won’t surprise anyone who is familiar with Frum’s “No Labels” movement to hear that their pompous attempt to dictate conservative thinking was a direct inspiration for me in producing this ad. I suppose Frum would also find it disturbing that more than one liberal columnist noted when commenting on the ad that Huntsman position’s outlined in my clip are now to the left of many democrats. For that matter, when’s the last time the President called for putting a price on carbon, or stated that healthcare is a right? And by the way – nice rhino.

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