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Five Damning Facts of Weinergate, Plus a Word on “Harassment”

John on June 1, 2011 at 2:43 pm

We were all speculating a bit early on, but here’s what we know for certain now:

1) The tweet came from Weiner’s account.

2) The photo linked in the tweet was hosted on Weiner’s yfrog account.

3) Weiner will not deny the photo is of him.

4) Weiner refuses to involve the police/FBI to find out who “hacked/pranked/spoofed” him.

5) Weiner is very testy and wants to drop this ASAP.

It’s really not possible for Weiner to look any more guilty at this point, without actually admitting guilt. He is obviously hiding something. The only question that remains is will the press let him get away with it?

BTW, the word harassment has been thrown around a lot, mostly by the left, since Saturday. Dan Wolfe supposedly “harassed” people. Jon Stewart picked that up last night from Daily Kos. Now Weiner is claiming his followers are being harassed. Everyone seems to be taking this in stride as if it can’t be denied.

Well, I’ll deny it.

Anyone who has offered any political opinions on Twitter knows that you occasionally get a reply you may not like from people who disagree. I got one yesterday from someone I’d never heard of telling me to do something I’m pretty sure is physically impossible. It’s not nice but is it harassment? I don’t think so. Neither does anyone who does politics on Twitter.

And that’s really a worst case scenario. Gennette Cordova freaked out because people were looking up what she’d written for the very public school paper. That’s not harassment and neither is trying to contact her by Twitter or even by phone (at a reasonable hour) to ask questions. That’s what real reporters (and enterprising bloggers) do. Journalism, even citizen journalism, is not harassment.

Granted, it may have felt overwhelming in Gennette C’s case, but asking questions about people’s public statements (on Twitter, etc.) isn’t wrong. Weiner is just repeating this because it makes him look like the good guy. Someone needs to call him on it the next time he says it.

One more point…Gennette C has now spent the last two days on Twitter answering the very kinds of questions people were eager to ask her Saturday. It aint’ harassment. She just didn’t react well to the sudden interest. The left needs to stop calling it harassment, and that means Weiner too.

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