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Weary of Weir (Johnny, that is…)

Scott on February 21, 2006 at 2:05 pm

I’ve been meaning to draw some well-deserved attention to one of the members of the U.S. Winter Olympics Team. I know that they are getting a lot of attention, and rightly so, but I wanted to draw special attention to Johnny Weir, that daring and inspiring male figure skater who brings new meaning to the words “obnoxious,” “snotty,” and “fullofhimself.” (OK, the last isn’t a real word, but you get the idea.)

My wife and I first caught wind of Mr. Weir when NBC played their little video-bio during the evening coverage last week. Our impression,… what a pompous, self-important windbag. Though only 21, he speaks with an arrogance that would do justice to a man twice his age.

I know that, among other things, the Olympics are about showmanship. But isn’t that supposed to be on the field of competition, not just shooting off your mouth outside the competition to show that you have attitude? A little taste of Mr. Weir’s inspiring words from the Washington Post’s article:

“I’ve been raised to be outspoken, to have my own thoughts…I know that a lot of people, especially the more Republican-style people are very afraid of what I mean to the sport and what I’m going to say, what kind of revolutionary crazy things are going to come out of my mouth. And you know, good for them. They should be scared…”

“Republican-style people?” This oh-so-clever jab at conservative viewers implies that people (conservative, narrow-minded, hate-filled, cave-dwelling philistines) might be offended by his not-so-suble-though-never-actually-mentioned homosexuality.

(GASP!) What?!? A gay men’s figure skater?!? Come on! That just isn’t possible! The next thing you know, someone’s going to say that Freddie Mercury (the amazing frontman for QUEEN, one of the best rock’n'roll bands of all time) was gay! THAT will be the day!

And by the way, what kind of “revolutionary, crazy things” are going to come out of his mouth? Black is white? Night is Day? Pink is the new Black? Gay men (and cowboys) are people, too?

Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune has a VERY CLEVER take on Weir’s failure to win a medal and the excuses that were immediately drafted into service: Weir Wasn’t Kidding About the Aura Factor

I’ve always thought that people of amazing calliber and skill can serve to inspire people, both young and old, to achieve great things. If Weir would have remained silent, or at least kept his “diva-ness” to himself, he could have been that kind of example.

In the end, he is an example what NOT to do or be in life. It has NOTHING to do with his being gay. It does have EVERYTHING to do with being generous, giving, honorable and gracious.

Better luck in 2010, Mr. Weir. Maybe by then you will have learned some manners.

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