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Weiner-gate Update: He Also Followed a Pornstar and Told Her He Liked Her Blog

John on May 29, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Doug Ross put together a helpful timeline of tweets of interest.

The Washington Post reported on the story and even mentioned Weiner’s tweet about the time in Seattle. However, they failed to mention that Gennette C retweeted his tweet, i.e. she was paying attention to his feed just 30 minutes before the underwear pic went out.

In addition to the high school girl with a thing for married men that he was DMing, Weiner also DM’d a stripper/porn star. He told her (privately) that he liked her blog. Here’s her blog. I wonder if this is what he liked.

I’m thinking Rep. Weiner liked this post. Along with a photo of Weiner, she wrote:

Oh my god. Yes. He can get buck wild anytime I’m around. Did I just type that out? I think that was supposed to stay inside my head. Oh well, fuck it.

And I’m sure this one got his attention…Under another photo of Rep. Weiner she writes:

This man….he is awesome. Y’all don’t even understand how much my crush on him grows every day.

One more. Different pic of Weiner she wrote:

When people ask me the kind of men I’m attracted to (and it’s almost always a Dudebro asking this), I answer ‘Jon Stewart, Anthony Weiner, Keith Olbermann…..’. They normally sit down and shut up after that.

<3 My wonderful crushes.

But hey, it’s normal for a married congressman to have private chats with stripper/pornstars who have a crush on him.

Meanwhile, Colby Hall and Tommy Christopher at Mediaite have been trying to turn this into another attack on Breitbart. Curiously, Gennette has now created a new Twitter account. She is apparently following four people, one of whom is Tommy Christopher of Mediaite. Wondering who she has talked to at Mediaite or in DC?

She’s promising to issue a “statement” soon. Of course she’s already deleted all of the evidence.

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