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Rep. Weiner’s Twitter Account Hacked by Horny Look-Alike (Update: He followed Gennette Nicole, making DM’s possible)

John on May 28, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Update: Okay, I think this proves what very likely happened. Lot’s of names and details so stick with me…

About a week after the tweet in which @GennetteNicole called Rep. Weiner her “boyfriend”, someone noticed that Rep. Weiner was following her back. They thought that was odd since at the time (mid-April) he was only following 91 people, nearly all of them politicos or reporters. But one of those 91 was a young woman with the initials GN:

Could that be Gennette Nicole? Her full name is Gennette Nicole Cordova but she dropped the last name on Twitter. I’m fairly sure it is her because when bloggers began mocking Rep. Weiner (Note: from a Weiner mocking feed called @repneedledick) by insinuating Gennette was a school girl, she responded to them. Her account has been deleted, but this retweet survived:

So we know that Rep. Weiner could have had a direct message chat with Gennette Nicole, but would he? [Monday morning clarification: Under the rules of Twitter, Weiner could have DM'd his followers at any time. By following some of them back he allows them to respond in kind, i.e. he's opening a private two-way conversation that wouldn't otherwise be there.]

In fact, we know that Rep. Weiner was talking to another young woman on Twitter around this same time. Here’s a retweet of a high school girl’s excited tweet:

Here’s the really important part about this. The exchange with this girl is not part of Rep. Weiner’s public tweet history, so we can only assume the conversation in question took place by direct message.

Rep. Weiner was direct messaging a high school girl. Might he have been direct messaging Gennette Nicole as well?

I think this proves that Rep. Weiner could easily have had a private DM chat going on with Gennette Nicole and that, as others have suggested, the underwear shot was supposed to go to her privately, not into his public tweet stream.

Again, it’s not proof, but it very well could have happened that way.

BTW, I think the fact that he followed Gennette at least somewhat contradicts the statement Weiner’s spokesperson gave the NY Post (see update below), i.e. that he had no “ties” with the girl. Following someone back is a tie, especially if you only follow 91 people in all.

Got a tip from someone…Rep. Weiner followed the high school girl I mentioned above for a while and chatted with her. After he unfollowed her she sent this tweet:

Sounds like Gennette wasn’t the only one infatuated with him. Oh my! Check out Velvet Hammer’s update #10. Looks like the schoolgirl expressed a fondness for married men.

Oh, and one more thing about that odd mention of Seattle which the real Rep Weiner made as he was going on MSNBC. Gennette retweeted that. Sort of like she knew it was for her. [And a hat tip to this guy for archiving that last link.]

[End update]

Something a bit strange is going on here:

Rep. Anthony Weiner says social networking identity hacking is to blame for the lewd material that a conservative news website reported was sent from his Twitter and yfrog handles to an unidentified Seattle, Wash., woman.

The New York Democrat told POLITICO he thought it “obvious” that his account had been taken over, and he tweeted that his Facebook account had been hacked with the abbreviation “FB hacked.”

I’m not sure why Politico insists on leaving out the name of the website. It was Big Government. Since then, a number of bloggers including RS McCain, Doug Ross and especially Velvet Hammer have been on the case. Ace sums up the problem with Weiner’s hacking excuse:

for reasons I don’t get, he previously posted a helpful “that’s about 5:45 in Seattle” tweet when discussing an upcoming appearance on Maddow. [The 21 year old woman who got the message lives near Seattle.]

I also assume that, after immediately wrestling control of these accounts from the mischievous malefactors, he deleted the offensive material, rather than preserving the evidence for the police, and the upcoming prosecution of the hackers, who he must surely wish to face the full consequences of law; I assume he did so just because he was so shocked that he wasn’t thinking clearly, and in fact was so stunned by this invasion of his boner zone of privacy that he coincidentally began acting like a man caught doing something wrong.

Only, according to Politico, his staff isn’t saying if they’ve called in the FBI. And it does seem odd that he was in his account and tweeting just moments before and after this mysterious hacking occurred.

Even weirder, the girl who got the shocking photo from Rep. Weiner’s yfrog account has since deleted her entire twitter feed. She then started a new private account and deleted that one a few hours later as well. She’s an aspiring journalist. Shouldn’t she see this as the story of a lifetime that dropped into her lap so to speak? Instead she’s acting like she’s embarrassed.

I think the really odd thing is that this same woman made a comment on twitter about Rep. Weiner being her “boyfriend.” This was more than six weeks ago. Now that’s a weird coincidence. She makes that comment and then weeks later a hacker grabs Weiner’s account and sends her a fake photo. The hacker must have been watching Weiner’s account very closely for quite a while.

Finally, it must be said that whoever posted the photo on Rep. Weiner’s account found a skinny white guy that looks remarkably like Rep. Weiner might look in his skivvies. Could be a clever fake but at some point you have to stand back [World's oldest joke: Adam to Eve - Stand back, I don't know how big this thing gets.] and apply Occam’s razor to the totality of facts. I don’t think Rep. Weiner’s account was hacked at all. Do you?

Update: Weiner’s spokesman has given their story to the NY Post:

“Anthony’s accounts on both Facebook and Twitter were hacked,” said spokesman Dave Arnold.

The photo does not belong to the Democrat and wasn’t taken by him, Arnold added…

The woman who got the crotch shot has no ties to Weiner and isn’t known to be part of his staff, Arnold said.

But she took her Twitter and Facebook pages down a few hours later, after her name and a possible picture began to circulate on blogs.

Um…no connection except that she’s one of his followers who once called him her “boyfriend” on Twitter. Also, how’d the hacker get his yfrog account?

[Edit - Removed the name of the high school girl. Wasn't my intent to have this follow her for life.]

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