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Team Obama Making NY-26 Part of Its Reelection Narrative

John on May 25, 2011 at 10:01 am

Team Obama is building a narrative and this story is part of it:

President Obama’s grassroots army, Organizing for America, played a significant supporting role in efforts to amp turnout for Kathy Hochul in yesterday’s big special election win, according to Democratic sources.

OFA’s New York chapter – joining other national groups like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – manned phone banks and dropped campaign lit, and some even went door-to-door in the heavily Republican upstate district. OFA has helped other candidates and causes (including a controversial effort to ferry protesters to the Wisconsin State House this year), but this was no charity mission.

Tuesday’s win is critical for Obama’s 2012 narrative: That reckless Republicans are intent on wrecking Medicare – and can be stopped if Democrats band together. Just like in ’08.

The idea that OFA swung the race is part of a political narrative the White House very much wants you to buy into. OFA’s efforts wouldn’t have mattered one bit if not for the Dem/Tea Party spoiler in the race. Whoever passed Politico this info about OFA is probably also working for the President’s reelection.

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