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Video: A Common Sense Campaign for America

Morgen on May 24, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Former Utah Governor and Obama appointee Jon Huntsman has yet to announce whether he is running in 2012. Given that he is currently traipsing through New Hampshire and South Carolina, all indications are that he is planning on doing so. And if this video – which was “leaked” to me by someone…uh…very close to me – is any indication, his will be anything but a traditional campaign.

YouTube Preview Image

Since I’ve clearly just violated the Eleventh Commandment by producing this, let me clarify that I think Huntsman should get in the race. Whether we like it or not, there is clearly some constituency for these types of ideas. For proof, stop and consider that in his effort to tack to the right President Obama is preparing to portray himself to the American people in 2012 as someone very much like Jon Huntsman. Or the Jon Huntsman of 2008, anyway.

Because Huntsman, for his part, will probably do everything he can to disassociate himself from these views. In fact he already is. Whether he succeeds or not will go a long way towards determining the outcome of his candidacy, if he chooses to run.

Like many others, I strongly believe that traditional conservative ideals can and should prevail in 2012. But the path will not be laid for us, and conservative policy ideas, around entitlements and budget reform especially, still need to be tested with the electorate. So consider the primary campaign a warm-up for the main event, and Huntsman a proxy for what we might face in the general election.

I for one am ready.

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