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Newsweek Argues in the Alternative

John on September 8, 2008 at 12:54 pm

Today, Newsweek has several new articles on Palin. This one argues that Palin isn’t really all that conservative on abortion:

Restrictions on abortion in Alaska have actually been loosened during her tenure.

The general thrust of the piece is that Palin hasn’t backed up her claims to being pro-life with any actual legislation and that even pro-lifers in Alaska have been disappointed with her performance which seemed to focus more on energy issues.

Meanwhile, this piece on family values takes Palin to task for being a pro-life “purist”:

Palin’s pro-life purism is as ethically flawed as it is politically damaging to the GOP. By vaunting their pro-life agenda over everything else, conservatives are abandoning one of their most valuable insights, that intact, two-parent families are best for children and the foundation of a healthy society.

The first piece on Palin is a “web exclusive” so people paging through the magazine itself won’t see the contradiction. Still, doesn’t one of these articles have to be wrong or at least misleading? She can’t be both a secret libertarian and a pro-life purist, can she?

The second article is also worth a look for its novel argument that abortion is the key to traditional family values. Uh…okay. Whatever you say, Newsweek.

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