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Who Oraganized the Violent Protests at RNCC?

John on September 8, 2008 at 12:21 pm

This became a topic of discussion in the comments, so I thought it deserved a follow-up. The LA Examiner has a piece which investigated the organizers of the violent protests, known as the RNC Welcoming Committee. It appears that a member of the University of Minnesota faculty and the local AFL-CIO had a hand in coordinating the protests, including the anarchists:

The website carries a press release which sheds light on the activities of the RNC Welcoming Committee. The online notification posted June 8th, 2007 by a woman named Jessica Sundin calls for a meeting at the University of Minnesota Student Union Center co-hosted by the RNC Welcoming Committee. Sundin is a clerk at the University of Minnesota. Another press release was posted by Sundin in the name of the RNC Welcoming Committee after the convention began.

Ms. Sundin told the Pioneer Press outlet that she had discussions with the anarchists “but only to make sure they don’t disrupt the march.” Sundin claimed “They’ve made a commitment not to interfere”.

A website called describes another meeting held at the University of Minnesota last February. It claims that a gathering of sixty anti-war organizations including the RNC Welcoming Committee met to plan for the protest. Speaking at that meeting was Jessica Sundin. Also headlining the event was Phyllis Walker “president of AFSCME Local 3800, the campus clerical workers union”. That website describes the meeting as such:

“In the weeks leading up to the organizing conference extensive discussions took place among the forces that are planning actions at the Republican National Convention, including the anarchist-oriented RNC Welcoming Committee …”

Videos of the speeches are on Google. These websites indicate that Walker, the union leader and Sundin, a union member coordinated for the RNC Welcoming Committee and that it was open knowledge at the time that it was an anarchist group. The “fight back” website also cites a speech in 2004 by union President Walker about a trade dispute with U of M in which she stated that the union should use “any means necessary”.

Ms. Sundin in particular appears to be very fond of violent rebellion:

In one article on the “fight back” website Sundin describes a trip to Columbia to meet with the now deceased infamous FARC commander Raul Reyes as a representative of the “US solidarity activists”. Reyes was a Communist guerrilla fighter known for cocaine trafficking and kidnapping Americans. Saint Paul Police have alleged a kidnapping plot by the anarchists aimed at the RNC.

Sundin described the FARC leader who was convicted of the murders of over a dozen Columbian police officers as such “I enjoyed his warmth and humor. He had a friendly, round face, a quick smile, and surprisingly gentle hands.” Of his death she wrote “The criminal Colombian government and their U.S. accomplices should be called to pay for this cowardly and criminal attack.” The Republican Party strongly supports the government of Columbia in its’ fight against the FARC. Some experts consider anarchist groups to be based on communist ideals and fronts for communist activities.

She’s almost straight out of central casting. The Examiner piece also notes that her personal website links to another terrorist group called the Islamic Jihad Army.This is a group engaged in attacking US soldiers abroad.

So, just thought it was worth noting that the organizers of the violence and mayhem at the RNCC were terror friendly communists with union connections. If you’re going to have enemies, those are the right ones to have.

[HT: Hot Air]

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