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Osama Offended by Level of Violence in Al Qaeda’s Own Magazine

John on May 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm

You can’t make this stuff up folks. Our intelligence people have been pouring over the files found in Bin Laden’s compound. In addition to his porn stash, they’ve found that he was heavily involved in planning attacks and running his organization. Also, he apparently felt some forms of mass murder were beyond the pale:

Bin Laden was bent on inflicting mass-casualty attacks on the West, the U.S. official said. At the same time, however, he criticized an online propaganda magazine edited by a young American in Yemen, saying the bloodthirsty tone of an article could harm al Qaeda’s image among Muslims, according to the U.S. counterterror official.

The magazine, called Inspire, “apparently discussed using a tractor or farm vehicle in an attack outfitted with blades or swords as a fearsome killing machine,” the official said. “Bin Laden said this is something he did not endorse. He seems taken aback. He complains that this tactical proposal promotes indiscriminate slaughter. He says he rejects this and it is not something that reflects what al Qaeda does.”

Because al Qaeda has standards for mass murder and that’s just not up to snuff.

I’m so glad this bastard is dead.

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