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NY Times on the Violence Against Christians in India

John on September 4, 2008 at 2:45 pm

A very solid, though not perfect, piece on the recent events in Orissa:

Those who came to attack Christians here early last week set their trap well, residents say.

First, they built makeshift barricades of trees and small boulders along the roads leading into this village, apparently to stop the police from intervening.

Then, villagers say, the attackers went on a rampage. Chanting “Kill these pigs” and “All Hindus are brothers,” the mob began breaking into homes that displayed posters of Jesus, stealing valuables and eventually burning the buildings. When they found residents who had not fled to the nearby jungle, they beat them with sticks or maimed them with axes and left them to die.

The author omits a few critical details (such as the Maoists claiming responsibility for the murder of a Hindu leader in a local press account). It also devolves a bit at the very end into some unfortunate Hindu talking points from unnamed “Hindu activists.” Still, a very solid piece.

Kudos to Heather Timmons and the Times for covering this.

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