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Charles Martel, Call Your Office

John on November 4, 2005 at 12:21 pm

Paris is burning. You probably haven’t heard about it since the US media is heavily downplaying it, but Muslims in the suburbs of Paris have been on a rampage for a week. And things seem to be getting worse each night. Car burnings, destruction of property and scuffles with police begin each night at sundown. Riot police use tear gas to disburse the rioters only to see them return the next night.

According to this article by Amir Taheri, what the rioters want is for the police to leave them alone. An interesting thought. Just tell the police to leave so you can go back to burning down the city. Before the French do what comes naturally, i.e. surrender, I hope they consider the future outcome of capitulation. One need only look at the past outcome, as noted in the article:

President Jacques Chirac and Premier de Villepin are especially sore because they had believed that their opposition to the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 would give France a heroic image in the Muslim community.

That illusion has now been shattered — and the Chirac administration, already passing through a deepening political crisis, appears to be clueless about how to cope with what the Parisian daily France Soir has called a “ticking time bomb.”

Of course we now know that part of the French government’s opposition to the war was based on the criminal conspiracy known as the Oil for Food scandal in which they were heavily engaged. There is still a difference between heroism and greed.

Speaking as an American, there is one darkly satisfying element to this debacle. Domenique de Villepin, who lectured America at the UN is now Prime Minster of France and responsible for handling the crisis. It will be interesting to see if the French people reconsider the wisdom of their leaders and their smug anti-Americanism when Paris is burning.

Update: The violence is spreading. Last night nearly 900 cars were burned. 250 arrests were made. The US media is going to have to start covering this story now.

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