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Didn’t Obama Promise to Fire Staffers Who Act Like This?

John on September 2, 2008 at 11:07 am

Yesterday, Barack Obama did a very decent thing with regard to Palin’s pregnant daughter, stating unequivocally that candidates kids were off limits. He fibbed a bit when he said his campaign had no connections to the sites spreading these rumors. In fact he has been a contributor to Daily Kos on at least two occasions in the not too distant past. Nevertheless it was a decent gesture and I saw at least four conservative commentators, including Newt Gingrich, credit him for it on the air yesterday.

Obama also said, in the same appearance, that anyone caught engaging in such tactics from within his campaign would be fired immediately. Well, at roughly the same time Obama was acting nobly toward Palin’s daughter his spokesman Mark Bubrisky was issuing a Nazi smear against Palin herself. Bubriski sent an e-mail to the Miami Herald which read in part:

Palin was a supporter of Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or as many Jews call him, a Nazi sympathizer.

In reality, Palin never donated money to Buchanan and in fact supported another candidate in 2000. She did attend one fundraiser for Pat nine years ago, but that’s the entirety of the connection. So it’s worth noting that, as if the Nazi smear wasn’t enough of a stretch, the connection to Palin is tenuous at best.

Why send this to the Miami Herald? Because southern Florida is home to a large contingent of Jewish voters. The Nazi smear is calculated to have maximum effect on this group and insure that none of them vote for McCain.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think you can get much lower in politics than waving a Nazi smear in front of Jewish voters. Does Obama consider this a step up from going after a candidate’s children? I find the two pretty similar on the political ick-meter, but I guess we’ll see how Obama feels. If he’s true to his stated principles, he should fire Bubriski immediately. If not, he should be asked to explain why this attack is different.

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