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Cold-Hearted Republican Calls for Entitlement Reform

John on April 26, 2011 at 11:04 am

Guess which grandma-hating, Republican SOB wrote this:

the Federal Government, however solid its finances may currently appear, is in fact living utterly beyond its means. While the present generation of retirees is doing very nicely, the promises that are being made to those now working cannot be honored.

Did I say Republican? Oops! That’s actually Paul Krugman, circa 1996. Michelle Malkin pulled the quote along with a lot more from the same ’96 book review. As she puts it:

Close your eyes, read Krugman’s words circa 1996, and you might think you were listening to Paul Ryan circa 2011.


Click over to read more of Krugman’s disgust with the fact that nothing will be done about this impending entitlement disaster until the crisis is upon us, i.e. now. It would be even funnier if we weren’t all doomed.

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