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“She’s good looking…”

John on August 31, 2008 at 7:12 pm

Just a follow up to yesterday’s post. The comments continue to stack up:

Jimmy Ng, a retired member of the Coast Guard: “She is a strong woman who can wear a skirt and be proud of it” (New York Times, 8/31).

Newsweek’s Karen Breslau: “As a journalist, and a female one at that, I am embarrassed to admit that the first thing that struck me about her was that she’s so, well, striking” ( 8/30).

CNN’s Paul Begala: “She’s a charming person. She’s well spoken. She’s attractive “(CNN, 8/29).

FNC’s Juan Williams: “I hope I’m not offending anybody in saying that she’s a very attractive woman” (“Fox News Sunday,” 8/31).

Dan Quayle Speechwriter Lisa Schiffren: “She is a serious athlete” (Washington Post, 8/30).

TX GOP delegate Patti Johnson: “She’s beautiful to look at. The men are going to love her. She hunts. She fishes” (Houston Chronicle, 8/29).

CNN’s Joe Johns: “I found her to be very funny, very charming” (“AC 360,” CNN, 8/29).

David Gergen: “Joe Johns is right; she seems very, very attractive” (“AC 360,” CNN, 8/29).

My headline comes from a joke made by Biden today:

“There’s a gigantic – gigantic — difference between John McCain and Barack Obama, and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent. And that is that – ”

The crowd laughed.

“Well there’s obvious differences,” Biden said, beginning to ham it up. “She’s good looking,” he said, laughing.

All harmless but a bit unusual in this context. There’s also this, which was posted by HuffPost earlier today. As someone in the comments noted, where is the picture of Obama stoned during his college days? No doubt we’ll never see that, but when it comes to Palin the rules are different.

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