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The Cheney Conspiracy?

Scott on February 13, 2006 at 12:59 pm

I had an eye opening experience this morning as I watched Scott McClellan (White House Press Secretary) deal with the awkward questions surrounding the unfortunate hunting accident over the weekend involving Vice President Dick Cheney. I don’t envy him right now. Talk about a distraction AND fodder for the mockery-mill on the left.

Of course, at this point much of the media is salivating like a dog with a fresh steak while simultaneously falling on their collective knees and thanking their patron saints for such a fortuitous occurrence. I am betting that in the minds of much of the media and/or much of the Democratic leadership (same thing), the only way that this could have gotten better would have been if the victim in this, Mr. Whittington, had died. In fact, I didn’t catch who it was but someone DID actually ask the “what if Mr. Whittington would have died” question. UNBELIEVABLE!

Don’t miss some of the more MIND-NUMBING/ABSURD speculations about: Excessive Secrecy (from Political Cortex); Cheney Breaks Hunting’s #1 Rule (Times online); Everyone Else Ducks (Sydney Morning Herald).

I was amazed at the tone of the questions during the press conference. Some of the reporters were civil, but most were SO BOTHERED and offended that they hadn’t been notified immediately after the accident. They came across as spoiled children who didn’t get their way. One reporter (I believe he was a CNN guy) actually phrased a comment/question in terms of “I can’t believe ” and then “Can you explain to me ” This makes sense, because it is all about THIS guy! Again I say UNBELIEVABLE!!!

It was like they were looking for some sinister conspiracy. It couldn’t just be one of the hundreds of hunting accidents that occur every year. It had to be a plot to keep the press in the dark as long as possible.

Perhaps they are doing their jobs, but do they have to be so eager and rabid about it? Couldn’t they just chalk it up to an unfortunate and embarrassing accident that NOBODY would want to immediately publicize? I mean, logically, it’s not like the Whitehouse could have hidden this accident. So what if they had to wait sixteen hours as opposed to six or twelve.

It’s a good thing that when Clinton was President the Whitehouse was so on top of putting forth timely information! AND it’s a good thing that the media NEVER gave Clinton or Gore or their peeps the benefit of the doubt.

UPDATE: I’ve been spending some time this afternoon watching Chris Matthews on HardBall. Chris is so excited he can barely contain himself. If he was a dog, I would say that he’s about to wet himself. His pronouncements so far include the idea that, if it wasn’t for the initial story that was put out online by the local Corpus Cristi newspaper, this story never would have been out there. So in Chris’ mind, the Bush Cheney Whitehouse would have tried to keep this a secret!

Matthews, along with his guest commentators Ron Reagan and Pat Buchanan, is raising the mysterious spectre of conspiracy in that the Secret Service didn’t allow the local law enforcement immediate access to the Vice-President.

Ron Reagan, as he discussed the “reflexive secrecy” of the Whitehouse and how Bush and Cheney NEVER want to share information with the press about ANYTHING, is now just “throwing out there” the idea that, since the local law enforcement weren’t able to immediately interview Cheney, they weren’t able to ask if anyone in the hunting party (namely Cheney) had been drinking.

Matthews laughed at that and said, “Now, Ron! You’re just making that up.” Reagan’s response was, “Well, I’m just throwing it out there to say that, if alcohol was a factor, nobody would know about it now.”

It’s so great that Chris Matthews and Ron Reagan are on the look out to “just throw things out there” for our enlightenment.

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