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America’s Jesus

John on February 13, 2006 at 12:22 pm

As if on cue, we have this piece in USA Today by Rob Borsellino, mourning the loss of Christian insignificance. Speaking of a trip to Sicily to meet family, Borsellino writes:

My cousin Maria made the sign of the cross before she ate. My cousin Antonio’s car had a figurine of a saint on the dashboard. My cousin Gian Marco had a beautiful cross hanging from his neck…But nobody was going on about God, Jesus and religion. It didn’t come up.

In contrast to this relative paradise where Christianity is seen and not heard, we have American Christianity as exemplified by Pat Robertson and…wait for it…Fred Phelps:

The Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka claims to speak for Jesus and goes around the country talking about how “AIDS cures fags.”

If Fred Phelps did not exist, liberals would have to invent him. He is one pathetic fringe figure with a handful of followers who has been repudiated by every Christian leader on earth. Framing your argument around Phelps is like framing an argument against atheism around Jacob Robida, aka the 18 year old gay bar shooter. Both Phelps and Robida professed a certain belief (Christianity, Atheism) but neither is very representative of the group at large.

Finally, as tired as I am of defending Pat Robertson when he says something stupid (a monthly occurence these days), lumping him in with Phelps is ridiculous. In fact, if something as stupid as this comparison had come out of Pat’s mouth the press would be all over it by now. USA Today should offer Pat an apology. As for Mr. Borsellino, I encourage him to return to Sicily where Christianity (which incidentally has been against abortion since day one) doesn’t interfere with his true faith.

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