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A Tenth Church Arson

John on February 12, 2006 at 1:15 pm

Another fire at an Alabama church over the weekend brings the total to 10 over the last two weeks. This one has already been ruled arson, but investigators aren’t saying whether it is connected. They aren’t saying, but I’m sure they have a pretty good idea.

Someone out there (2 men it appears) has a real grudge against Southern Baptist churches. To continue this string in the midst of a manhunt shows their level of determination.Of course they can only burn the buildings. The churches still stand.

Here’s an amazing story of a church arson which took place in 1997. The black parishoners that owned the building forgave the arsonist, let him help build the new building and then appealed to the judge for a reduced sentence on his behalf. You can’t overcome love like that. And that’s the Gospel truth. [HT: Alabama Watch]

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