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The Obama Administration Prepared to Deem Soldiers “Non-Essential” Workers

John on April 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Update: See Morgen’s latest post on this topic above.

Americans may not like wars in the Middle East but they love the men and women who serve in them. If this story is true, and right now it seems to be, then I think Democrats have just destroyed any hope they had of benefiting politically from a government shutdown. Here’s Ace who is reacting to a story at Big Government:

Apparently, it is within the executive’s power to define “essential” and “non-essential” personnel during a shutdown; non-essential personnel can be furloughed (or at least not paid until the shutdown is over).

But it seems Obama is taking the position — for political reasons — that the military is “non-essential.” They can’t be furloughed, but he has decided (or Gates has; I rather think it’s Obama’s call) that they’ll show up for work but won’t get paid until later.

Now, I admit I’m putting a few weasel words in here. It’s not because I don’t trust Ace or Mike Flynn, it’s because it’s hard to believe Democrats any politician could be this stupid. Granted, Obama has made some dumb moves in the last two years, but cutting off paychecks for people fighting wars?! He might as well go on TV and announce he’s changed his mind about running in 2012. If you choose to cut off troops salaries for political gain, you’re done.

Mike Flynn does note that this change from previous policy appears to be part of “draft” guidelines, i.e. not set in stone. I expect some White House flak will be claiming it was all a big misunderstanding by tomorrow morning.

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