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SF Chronicle Caught Removing Abortion Criticism of Obama

John on August 27, 2008 at 9:49 am

Nice catch by Tom Blumer of Newsbusters:

A San Francisco Chronicle article last Wednesday relating to growing concerns about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s recent campaign performances “evolved” in a quite convenient way for the Illinois senator by the time it got to the paper’s print edition and went through its final web revision.

Blumer goes on to note that the web version of the piece contained the following paragraph:

And Obama’s thoughtful but fuzzier answers to questions about when human rights begin (“that’s above my pay grade”) were a clear contrast – and not a good one – to McCain’s head-on approach that it was “at the moment of conception,” he says.

But by the time the article made it to the front page of the print edition, the entire paragraph had been removed. To be fair, I think the reporter’s aside “and not a good one” probably caught editor’s attention. However, that parenthetical could have been removed and the substance would have remained. Instead, the whole paragraph was removed.

Coincidentally, this comes at a time when Obama, Pelosi and Dems in general are under a full court press on the abortion issue. I don’t think it’s much of a strech to believe editors decided to cut Obama some slack on this one.

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