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Google News: What a Joke

John on February 10, 2006 at 8:47 am

This morning Michelle Malkin links to this Google news segment. It does indeed appear she’s ticked someone off.

After some truly pathetic name calling which attempts to define Michelle as a ridiculous figure no one takes seriously, the “host” transitions by saying, “On a more serious note…” at which point he turns his attention to Andrew Sullivan! Honestly, I’m waiting for this guy to say “And now for some reality-based commentary, let’s go to Daily Kos.” What a transparent load of bias.

But the comedy doesn’t stop there. The host wraps up with a mini-lecture based on Sullivan’s piece about what we can and can not see. He notes how the blogoshere is important in freeing information from the constraints imposed by the MSM.

Read my lips, Google…CHINA.

Google has some real nerve lecturing the rest of us about freedom of information. Unlike most of us, they actually have some control over information. And they choose to kowtow to the Communists. What a joke.

Update: As you can see in the comments, I’ve been accused of being a “sheeple” for this post, despite the fact that I’ve disagreed with Michelle for almost a week on the cartoon controversy. At least I’m in good company. The Anchoress was also labelled a “sheeple.”

Current disagreement aside, this Google “news piece” is a transparently biased hatchet job. It’s also, as I noted, extremely hypocritical.

Update 2: The author of the post criticizing me (and two other bloggers) has edited the post and offered an apology. I appreciate his willingness to correct himself publicly. I think it reflects well on his character.

So for my part, apology accepted with no hard feelings. I only hope you’ll show me the same grace on some future occasion when I’m caught saying something I later realize I should not have. That’s the trouble with blogging. It allows you to publish as fast as you can think, and sometimes faster…

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