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Memo: Back to Christian Mocking…ASAP

John on February 9, 2006 at 4:10 pm

Just because Europe has entered into a global conflict with Jihadists over some mildly offensive cartoons, doesn’t mean it’s time for the secularists in the press to back off on the usual targets.

Michelle Malkin notes this magazine cover just published in Poland. Now I know Madonna has turned her life around and become a “Khabbalist” but isn’t that a Jewish sect? Anyway, more than ever my official response is: [shurg].

Little Green Footballs notes a story about the cartoons in the NY Times which tries in vain to find a similar response from Christians to provocation. Though it doesn’t include the cartoons at the center of the controversy, it does reproduce another famous image of Mary, this one made with Elephant Dung. Again: [shrug]

I also note this line from Ann Coulter’s most recent column:

[A] Danish comedian’s statement, paraphrased by The New York Times, “that he had no problem urinating on the Bible but that he would not dare do the same to the Quran.”

Her point, of course, is that people are afraid of the reprehensible, unhinged Jihadists. A point with which I agree completely. What bothers me is what goes without mention, i.e. “he had no problem urinating on the Bible…”

Buy Danish? [shrug]

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