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Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

John on March 23, 2011 at 9:55 am

Widely considered one of the most beautiful women to have ever worked in the film industry. I found a way to squeeze her into this list for her appearance in Ivanhoe.

I haven’t seen all of her films (she made dozens) but A Place in the Sun is on my top 50 list. As I once wrote elsewhere, Elizabeth Taylor is so beautiful and so appealing in the film, you find yourself sympathizing with Montgomery Clift’s character right up to the point he considers murdering Shelley Winter to be with her.

YouTube Preview Image

The Daily Mail has a nice photo retrospective here.

Lea Lane on the two times Elizabeth Taylor smiled at her here.

TCM has announced an Elizabeth Taylor marathon including Ivanhoe and National Velvet (a great kids film).

Finally, Kenneth Turan, whose reviews I often disagree with, has a tribute piece that also starts by remembering A Place in the Sun:

“Tell Momma. Tell Momma all.”

If you are a fan of Elizabeth Taylor, and how could you not be, you don’t have to be told the source of that dialogue. It’s the heart of Taylor’s country club love scene with Montgomery Clift in “A Place in the Sun,” and the actress’ face in huge close-up is so exquisitely, so heartbreakingly beautiful you never doubt that Clift’s intoxicated character would do anything to keep her in his life. Up to and including murder.

Now you’re all wondering if I cribbed this post from Turan. No, I wrote it and only found Turan’s piece as I was looking for other tributes. But I think you can see that I wasn’t the only person who fell a little bit in love with Liz Taylor while watching A Place in the Sun.

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