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SEIU Leader Identifies the Left’s Next Villain: JP Morgan Chase

John on March 22, 2011 at 9:24 am

Is the bloom already off the Koch brothers rose? Seems a bit quick given that they’ve got a film coming and a new Shepard Fairey designed logo for that campaign. Still, I guess you can never have too many villains. Pam at the Blaze once again finds the audio before everyone else:

YouTube Preview Image

It starts a bit slow but just keeps picking up speed by the end. And then you get that Cloward and Piven reference which is really just icing on the cake.

I’m sure the left (Media Matters Senior Fellows, Assemble!) is already working on response to this claiming it’s all out of context and “deceptively edited” and anything else they can pull from their usual bag of nonsense. Perhaps their argument will be that this is a lone union gunman who doesn’t represent the rest of their movement. Sure he doesn’t. That’s why he’s prominently featured on the SEIU’s website agitating for this same campaign. And here he is representing the SEIU on national television:

YouTube Preview Image

This guy is was a big player. His job, apparently, is was to advocate for a destabilization of our capitalist system. That should probably tell us something about the SEIU and, really, about all unions.

Addendum: Lerner has apparently been out of a job with SEIU since sometime late last year. So now we know what the Media Matters spin will be.

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