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Brian McLaren’s Attack Ad

John on August 18, 2008 at 3:33 pm

I’ve said some nice things about Brian McLaren in the past. I’ve also stated some hesitations, particularly about his theology. My point is that I’m not a McLaren partisan in either direction. I judge him on a case by case basis. And in the case of this new pro-Obama ad, I’m a bit surprised by the tack he has taken. Here’s the ad:

YouTube Preview Image

Now, we’ve all heard the thing about not being able to trust a man who cheats on his wife. Lots of people on the right were using that one during the Clinton years. Personally, I think there’s something to that. For me, Clinton’s philandering was just the most obvious sign of some very deep pathology. In any case, I guess it’s fair to use that argument now against John McCain, who cheated on his first wife. Jake Tapper at ABC identifies it as such, but I don’t think he needed the question mark on his headline. There’s no doubt that’s what this ad is meant to do.

I guess what surprises me is that Brian McClaren is willing to participate in that sort of thing. I’ve taken it for granted that he was a liberal (politically and theologically), so it doesn’t shock me that he’s voting for Obama. But just a week ago, McLaren claimed that McCain’s “The One” ad was a new low in the campaign. He completely bought into the line about it being a sly attempt to identify Obama as the Anti-Christ. I think that’s bunk, personally, but that’s beside the point. If “The One” was low, what is it when you highlight the other guy’s failed marriage as a reason not to vote for him? The high road? Frankly, this new ad seems a bit muck-racking for a guy who is always going on about generosity of spirit and treating opponents with respect. I don’t see it any of that on display here, but maybe I’m missing something.

[HT: Hot Air]

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