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At Least a Dozen Specific, Credible Death Threats Against WI Republicans

John on March 18, 2011 at 9:05 am

I don’t think I’d seen this detail published before. Scripps Howard has a story on the reaction to the passage of the collective bargaining bill in Wisconsin which makes clear just how enraged the protesters became:

“We will hunt you down. We will slit your throats. We will drink your blood. I will have your decapitated head on a pike in the Madison town square. This is your last warning.”

Is this a passage from Bram Stoker’s Dracula? No, this e-mail reached Wisconsin State Sen. Dan Kapanke, a La Crosse Republican, on March 9, after he voted for GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget and labor reforms. Kapanke is not alone. Top Wisconsin Republicans have been threatened with murder.

“Across the whole Republican Caucus, I think we have received at least a dozen, credible, specific death threats,” one well-placed legislative staffer in Madison told me. “This was not just ‘Go to Hell,’ but threats that rose to a level that made people feel unsafe.”

Did we see these sort of threats against lawmakers from the Tea Party? Maybe there were some I missed. What’s clear is that the media decided last week that the protests were “peaceful” and hasn’t budged on that since. Now, I’ll grant that most of the protesters are peaceful. However, there is a minority that have been making threats and shoving people in the streets. Does that taint the whole effort? It certainly did when it was the Tea Party being scrutinized by the media. But there’s a different standard for the left.

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