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BBC to Cut 25% of Staff: NPR Are You Listening?

John on March 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm

The BBC is Britain’s publicly funded media comprised of several television channels, radio stations, a large online presence, etc. In order to make ends meet, the BBC plans to cut 25% of its staff by 2016:

BBC executives are understood to be working with a 25% staff reduction figure as they draw up plans to meet director general Mark Thompson’s target of a 20% cut to the corporation’s costs in the coming years.

According to BBC internal figures, as of September 2010 about 21,927 full-time staff were employed by the corporation, including 1,865 at commercial arm BBC Worldwide.

This suggests total job losses could top 5,000, although BBC sources said no specific jobs figure could yet be put against the 25% staff reduction as a number of factors are still being worked out.

Here in the US the discussion has been whether or not our own public broadcasting should be de-funded and allowed to thrive or fail on its own. The response from supporters (of NPR for instance) has been that cutting the 10-15% stations get from public coffers would force many stations to close. Well, yes. That’s what happens in the real world. And, as we see now in the UK, it’s what happens to public broadcasters too. I’ve yet to hear one good reason why NPR should be protected from the real world.

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