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Christians Eager for Pastor Rob Bell to be Handed Over to Media’s Romans

John on March 16, 2011 at 10:37 am

I’ve tried to avoid this but now it seems to be everywhere. Rob Bell is on a new book tour and this time out he’s getting time on major networks. All of the folks who’ve hated Bell for years are thrilled because of this interview with Martin Bashir:

YouTube Preview Image

All of Bashir’s questions, except for the first one, are taken straight from the blogs of the Bell bashers. None of whom (that I’ve seen) can pause long enough in their moment of triumph to wonder who Martin Bashir is and where he is coming from.

Bashir is the guy who made his career interviewing Michael Jackson. Does Bashir care about Michael Jackson? Probably about as much as he cares about Rob Bell or Christian doctrine. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bashir is an atheist. What he cares about is creating a dramatic interview. So he slurps up the accusations he’s seen on blogs and parrots them back without any sense of what he’s talking about or the history of the issues. He asks twice why God hasn’t rescued Japan, which is the old problem of evil. I wonder how many of Bell’s online critics could give a satisfying 20 second answer to this question. Very few I suspect.

You have a large group of people who scream about fealty to scripture but who, in the process of doing so, look remarkably like the characters Jesus constantly encountered along his way. You know the ones I mean, always looking for a gotcha question that would put him on the defensive or show him up in public. To whom will she be married in the afterlife? Where will we worship in the age to come? Should we pay our taxes to Caesar? Why did you waste this valuable perfume that could have been sold and the money given to the poor? How can you allow your disciples to glean on the Sabbath?

Jesus refused to be defined by their narrow interpretation of tradition. He knew that all of the questioning and concern for purity and accuracy was really just a pretext to promote themselves and their power. In the end, they wanted him to shut up and if he wouldn’t shut up then they wanted him dead. I think we’re seeing the same spirit in operation now.

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