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John Conyers: Obamacare is a “Platform” for Single-Payer

John on March 15, 2011 at 5:13 am

You have to admire his honesty:

YouTube Preview Image

And to be fair, this isn’t something new for Conyers. He’s one of the few Democrats who have been openly fighting for single-payer all along. He introduced HR 676 as an alternative to Obamacare and fought for a floor vote on it.

Conyers is right that the real goal of Obamacare was universal coverage. After that, they can expand the program until they get to single payer. Remember, the President himself said the same thing last October when he appeared on the Jon Stewart show (scroll to about 8:30):

It makes you wonder if the President hasn’t been fighting for single-payer all along too.

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