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Israel Demands Apology from CNN

John on March 14, 2011 at 9:26 am

On Saturday, a man broke into the home of an Israeli settler family and murdered them all with a knife. There were three children in the home including an infant girl. A three year old boy still had a pulse when rescuers arrived but could not be resuscitated. Israel announced it was looking for the terrorist responsible and began a major house to house search for the perpetrator.

CNN covered the attack but refused to call this grisly crime what it was:

Notice the scare quotes around the phrase “terror attack.” And the story itself stuck with that approach:

Five members of an Israeli family were killed in the West Bank early Saturday morning in what the Israeli military is calling a ‘terror attack.’

Apparently CNN wants to leave open the possibility that this grisly murder was a random crime or a robbery gone bad? Now Israel is demanding an apology.

Responding to the story headlined “Israeli Family of 5 Killed in ‘Terror Attack,’ Military Says,” Oren Helman wrote Kevin Flower that he was “dumbfounded and astonished” to read that the slaughter of the Fogel family is “what the Israeli army calls a ‘terrorist attack’.”

“Your remarks sound as if we are talking about an IDF ‘claim’ that this was ‘a terrorist attack’ and that this is not necessarily the case,” he wrote. “If this is not a terrorist attack, then what is?”

There is objectivity and there is willful ignorance. This is the latter.

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