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Video: Tsunami Hits Japan (Update: Tsunami Watch for US West Coast)

John on March 10, 2011 at 11:35 pm

From NHK via CNN:

YouTube Preview Image

According to the Times this was an 8.9 quake about 80 miles off the coast. It was followed by a 7.4 quake/aftershock. A street scene from the moment the quake hit Tokyo (language warning, NSFW):

YouTube Preview Image

Images of the tsunami approaching Honshu:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sticking with You Tube because I can’t get any of the NHK pages to load. The earthquake has set off massive fires, including this chemical fire:

YouTube Preview Image

Boats, cars, buildings and flaming debris all racing across an open field. I can’t imagine the number of lives that will likely be lost:

YouTube Preview Image

Update: There is a Tsunami watch on for the entire US Coastline from Alaska to California. Read the details here.

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