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In Wisconsin, 93 Cents of Every Union Dollar Given Goes to Democrats

John on March 9, 2011 at 8:30 am

Forget the stuff about collective bargaining “rights.” For Democrats and their union allies, this is all about the Benjamins:

Of the nearly $7 million labor unions have contributed to state candidates in Wisconsin over the last six election cycles, 93 cents of every dollar has gone to a Democrat.

Among educators, it’s 75 cents of every buck. For public employees, 73 cents.

The data compiled by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for the State Journal starkly illustrate why the high-stakes battle between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and labor unions over the last three weeks is about more than budget shortfalls and bargaining.

“I consider organized labor to be the backbone of the Democratic Party,” said Mike Tate, state party chairman. “Part of Scott Walker’s strategy is to weaken the infrastructure of the Democratic Party.”

Got that? An attack on unions is an attack on Democrats. That’s a level of honestly that hasn’t made it into the debate much thus far. We’ve heard a lot of talk about “union busting” and the “right” of collective bargaining. We haven’t heard much about where all that money goes after it’s bargained away from the taxpayers.

What we haven’t heard at all is an explanation for why any American should be forced to support someone else’s political party with their earnings. In essence, Democrats want to be allowed to lay an extra payroll tax on certain professions to fund their operations. When the other party objects to this set up, they then claim people’s “rights” are being taken away.

Since when is being forced to donate to one political party a right?

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