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Scrutiny of Candidate’s Ads Only Goes One Way

John on August 8, 2008 at 1:28 pm

Just to recap the history of media scrutiny of campaign ads, McCain has been accused of:

  1. Subliminally connecting Obama to Osama in one ad.
  2. Subtle racism for including two white women in his ad.
  3. Subtle racism for including two phallic symbols in his ad.
  4. Calling for Obama’s assasination with the same ad.
  5. Intimating that Obama is the anti-Christ in another, more recent ad.

Note that the accusers in each case are Democratic media bigwigs/left wing media outlets, not third rate bloggers no one has ever heard of.

So with all that crazed scrutiny of McCain’s ads, you’d think maybe the media could bother to notice that Obama “reenacted” a speech used in one of his primary ads:

there is no record of Obama’s anti-war speech-no video, no audio, no written record. Instead, his speech was simulated after the fact in a  sound studio much later-complete with phony crowd sounds.

The simulated speech was used in a campaign commercial during the primaries, at a time when he was running to the left of Hillary. It wasn’t a minor point either. This speech was the basis of his claim to moral superiority over Hillary. He also claimed that he’d made it at great personal risk in the middle of a campaign. Not quite:

He said during the primary campaign that he was in the midst of a US Senate campaign when he made the speech-making it seem as if it was a bold, risky move on his part- an act of courage. Not true-he gave the speech in  Nov. 2002. He did not announce his run for the Senate until Jan. 2003

Will this fabrication get any coverage now from the likes of the NY Times who went after McCain for his ads?

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