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Media Malfeasance of the Day

John on August 8, 2008 at 10:57 am

Yesterday it was all over the news. Some nut in Florida had been arrested for threatening to kill Barack Obama. It was already on Drudge, so there was no point in posting it here. In truth, I didn’t even read the story, just saw the headline and filled in the blanks myself. This nutburger was likely a racist, possibly a Republican…sad.

Turns out I should have read the story.

Because in fact the guy arrested had also expressed his disgust for President Bush and had even mentioned putting a bullet in his head. Strangely, that fact didn’t make it into the headlines of any of the stories. Stranger still, it didn’t make it into the body of the story on some sites, including CNN. Check Confederate Yankee’s whole post for details.

Here’s the short version. They left the Bush death wish out of their story and allowed the commenters to run wild most of the day attacking racist Republicans. Hours later and shortly after a commenter pointed out the Bush assassination omission, CNN shut down comments. They then reposted the story with the Bush detail added but minus all the comments from the earlier story blaming evil Republicans for all the world’s ills.

This is CNN’s version of shoot, shovel and shut up.

As Confederate Yankee points out, the Obama death threat angle dovetails nicely with the racism trial balloon that the Obama campaign launched a few days ago. At least it does if you leave out the Bush assasination detail. Coincidence that this didn’t make it into the CNN (or CBS) coverage? Maybe, but I doubt it.

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