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PowerLine Discovers the Left’s Favorite Fabulist Lee Fang

John on March 3, 2011 at 8:34 am

Lee Fang has been behind some of the most transparent bits of political hackery published in the last two years and that’s saying something. Remember the attack on the Chamber of Commerce; you know, the one that the NY Times said was baseless? That was him. Remember the claims of Tea Party Astroturfing? Also him. Racism at Tea Party events? He outdid himself on that one, creating a video clip so blatantly dishonest that even Media Matters would have been embarrassed to run it.

As each new Fang attack enters the mainstream of liberal thought it begins to unravel and is eventually shown to be baseless by responsible voices on the left and right. But by that time it has served its purpose and Lee has moved on to his next bit of nonsense. Lee’s newest thing is attacking the Koch brothers. If there is a central nexus of trendy, stupid left wing memes, Lee Fang may be that nexus.

This week, John at PowerLine noticed the ravings of Lee Fang and spent a lot of time demonstrating what a tendentious pile of garbage it was. A sample:

Think Progress has come up with not a single instance of a “special deal” or of “market manipulation,” let alone a “long history.” Think Progress is left-wing fantasy written by uneducated, inexperienced kids who, despite their lack of qualifications, are funded by billionaires with an axe to grind. It is hard to understand why anyone takes them seriously.

That’s from the conclusion of part 1. Part two is just as good. It’s the kind of work that often leads commenters to ask “Why bother?” Answer: It’s not because Fang himself is worth the time to debunk, it’s because his special brand of nonsense has become central to the left’s ever more desperate PR effort.

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