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Lone Wolf in Lubbock: Excerpts from Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari’s Blog

John on February 24, 2011 at 2:00 pm

This appears to have been a fairly serious threat on former President Bush. The AP has this backgrounder:

YouTube Preview Image

Via the official complaint (here – h/t LawFare) I’ve located his blog. It is here and is still live. Early on, the blog is full of the sorts of things you’d expect a teenager to be writing about:

I saw a girl that I will never forget her. She was someone I put in my mind and I locked it with throwing the key in a deep dark lake. She was a girl I imagined. She was a girl that I was hopping to get forever. She was so beautiful with her blue eyes and dark brown hair.

My first time I saw her in real life was in a football game between my university Vanderbilt and University of Tennessee. I saw her there and she was the seats that under mine. She was gorgeous. She saw me in moments again and again. She looked at me repeatedly in few moments. It was something I will never forget.

Nearly a year later in August 2009, the tone is still fairly upbeat:

I arrived in Lubbock, TX one week ago and the city is quite. Although the city is small, I have enjoyed it because everything is close to me such as shops, malls, theaters, …ect. In addition, I could find some places in Lubbock that I never saw in Nashville, TN like the restaurant Which Wich and others. Texas Tech University is very nice one and I like it. They have a good football team, so probably I will enjoy the city and the life here.

But just six months later in March 2010, Aldawsari is writing something very different in Arabic. A Google translation yields this:

…surrender is not peace, surrender submission and subservience for rapists infidel immoral that filled the land of Muslims to kill the name of peace, how this is our situation, how satisfied, how we sleep…O Lord, O Lord of the heavens and the earth, O Living, O Self O Hearer, Seer, O Lord, You are my Lord and taught him everything, and unless I know you are strong Creator-Razzaq al-Hakim Halim Knowing Jabbar arrogant, O Lord, O my Lord, O Llacuan and the creation of Anam and my world in the womb, give me martyrdom in your path and pleased me, and jihad in your path alone, without partner and Askny Supreme paradise, to abide therein and never Zlni in the shadow has not only on your shadow You Mujibur pray, O my God.

Aldawsari had a corporate sponsor that was paying for him to be here and study in the US. The complaint doesn’t identify the company, but based on this post, it appears that this is the company that was paying his way. They are a multi-national chemical/industrial company based in Riyadh so it makes sense that they would send Aldawsari here to study chemical engineering. Apparently this was part of a regular scholarship program they run.

Finally, this is his Facebook page. In case it disappears I’ve made a copy of this “Activities and Interests.” I’ve looked at a few of these already:

Koofers – Past Exams, Notes, Professor Ratings, Avg. GPAs (, SABIC ????, ????? ??? ???????, ????? ?????? {?????},, Zombie Outbreak Response Unit, ÖMER MUHTAR ( OMAR MUKHTAR ??? ???????), STOP Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza, ?? ??? ??? ???? ,,, ????? ???? ????, Yusuf Al-Thunayan | ???? ???????, Texas Tech University, Muslim – Sunni, Agatha Christy, Saudi Revolution 20 March – ?????? ???????? ??? 20 ????, ?????? ????????? ???????, ???????? ??????? ???????, ????? ???? ????? ??????, ??? ????? ????????, ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? • ?????? ????? ?? ??????? •, Dr. Sabry El Demerdash .. ? . ???? ????????, ???? ??????, ???? ???? ??????????? We are all Mohammed Abdulkarim, ???? ???? ?????, ???? ?? ??? ??????? Youth for Change, Arab Revolution – ?????? ???????, Wake up Muslims., Al Kharj

There seems to be lots of interest in “Islamic revolution” which I guess shouldn’t be surprising.

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